Sunday, July 17, 2011

This and that and Jacob Faurholt...

Yay, "Cover Me" got a spin on Under the Covers on Radio 1190, gotta love that thing called the internet.

And I've had a bloody marvellous weekend. Tour de France on tv, a few beers Friday and Saturday and watching all episodes of Pennies From Heaven (that is one of the best tv series ever made, goddamn!).

And now I'm listening to the new album by Jacob Faurholt. It's called "Dark Hours", it's out August 15th and it's seriously cool. So if you're into slacker-lo-fi-folk, mark that date, please. Personal favourites are: "Dark Hours", "The Hoax", "Medicine", "Untitled" (I love that chorus!) and this one:

Jacob Faurholt - Creatures in the Sea from Jacob Faurholt on Vimeo.

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