Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In the studio...

If it wasn't for the rather lousy weather, I'd be sitting in my garden (the picture) with a cup of coffee and relaxing after the last couple of days in the studio. But no. But at least we're almost done recording two songs, yay! This time it's gonna be a single the old-fashioned way (though a digital release, naturally :-)) with an A and a B side. The A side with the hit (in this case a rather sad and not very hit like folk song called "Crank it up") and the B side where you can do whatever the hell you feel like, because nobody's listening to it anyway (in this case a completely screwed up and almost instrumental western anthem called "Helldiver"). And all we need is a bit of backing vocals and mademoiselle Felding's cello, so expect a release sometime in Autumn.

And since I'm stuck inside, I'm going for some light reading, perhaps a beer and then bed, for sure.

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