Sunday, April 1, 2012

In A Better World (4)

This is the new regular blog feature. Once a week there'll be a little something about a song that really ought to have been a hit. Well, in a better World, that is. This week it's:


This is the sound of me trying to convince the other students from the Institute of Classical Philology that it's possible to dance to indie: "Yeah, try Lazarus" (and failing miserably).

This is the sound of CJ and me trying to "become better acquainted" with two girls from Vejle, whom we'd met at Øst For Paradis (and failing miserably).

This is the sound of me telling anyone who'd listen: "that if I ever get a girlfriend, it's imperative that she loves "Spun Around" too" (and, naturally, failing miserably).

Basically this is the sound of summer 1994-spring 1995. The album's called "Giant Steps", it was released in 1993 and it's fucking amazing. Or as [sic] put it: "For 64 minutes they were the greatest band on the planet". Check'em out on the playlist. Please.

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