Saturday, March 31, 2012

Kill for Love

CHROMATICS! Well, honestly I'm blown away by the new album. You get "classic" Chromatics, the droning one/two chord structure with as little happening as possible (and I fricking love the way they switch the vocals from center to right/left!). But what you're also getting now is a pop hymn like "Back from the Grave". Because that one is a hit, if there ever was one. Or "Candy" that just breaks your heart. Or "At Your Door" that makes me wanna dance slowly with some girl. Or "The River", which is sheer beauty and sadness. Weak points? Well, I could've gone without the vocoder songs "These Streets Will Never Look The Same" and "Running from the Sun", but apart from that, not really. So, album of the year? Dunno. You know how it is, but right now, I'm thinking that it's the best album since "You & Me" by The Walkmen. And that's pretty darn good!

Stream it here. Or better yet, just buy it!

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