Friday, January 27, 2012

A trip down memory lane...

I've spent the day being ill, trying not to throw up and having this strange craving for Toffifee. And making this playlist of songs I loved in the 80ies (and that means that I had to love them at the time, not songs I love now, otherwise the list would've been a rather different one, including a lot of songs by The Smiths :-)):

1980: I really can't remember any songs that I loved that year (I was only five), but I listened a lot to either Shu-bi-dua or Gasolin, so I chose the sentimental favourite of the latter, "Længes Hjem" (if I ever get to play at a large festival, I wanna play that one as the encore :-)).

1981: Blondie: "Rapture". We listened to Blondie rather a lot, when we drove around in my dad's car.

1982: Steve Miller Band: "Abracadabra". From the first tape I got, X-mas that year! Some sort of "Best of 82" (there was a song by ABBA-Frida on it, too). It might have been the easy-to-sing-when-you're-seven-chorus that made me like it in the first place :-).

1983: Tracey Ullman: "They Don't Know". Fuck it, I loved that one! Did I ever tell you that I'm a sucker for cheesy-slightly-sad-pop? I even like the "baby" approx. 1.52 :-).

1984: Tears for Fears: "Shout". This is still a tremendously cool song! ""and in return you gave them Hell / as cold as ice / I hope we live to tell the tale". Yup, that's pretty cool, too.

1985: A-ha: "Take On Me". Well, one of the best pop songs ever written! Not much else to say.

1986: The Bangles: "Walk Like An Egyptian". Oh, this is good. And I had a pre-teen crush on Susanna Hoffs (and later a teen crush, too :-)).

1987: U2: "Where The Streets Have No Name". I could've taken any song from "The Joshua Tree", since it's the album that I've heard the most times (without doubt!). I bought the tape in Oslo (and later the vinyl) and it still sends shivers down my spine, when I listen to it.

1988: U2: "Bullet The Blue Sky (live)". I saw the movie in Tønder (the cinema in Skærbæk closed down just after showing "Footloose" in 1984 :-)). Apparently, it ain't that great a movie, but I was blown away anyway. And this heavy version, goddammit! And the light-thing (used on the cover)! Well, I'm just gonna show it:

1989: The Cure: "Lovesong". Being a rather depressed teen (well, who isn't), I loved this. Got it for X-mas (my mom got it right this year, not like 1984, when she gave me Duran Duran's "Arena" instead of Wham's "Make It Big" :-)).

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