Sunday, January 29, 2012

Good times bad times...

Well, I'm still ill. And bored. But good things happen anyway.

Like Liverpool winning against Man U!

Or finding out that we've been played twice on a Greek radio show called Strictly Weird Tales, that's pretty cool :-).

Or checking blogs like Indie Music Filter and discovering this project called The Casablanca Sessions. I rather like the songs "So Blue" (Daniel Lee from Hooded Fang), "Stargazing" (Carl Johnson from Library Voices) and "Time To Remember" (Jason Haberman from The Paint Movement).

Or watching videos on Youtube like this new one from Xiu Xiu:

Or listening to loads of music on Spotify like the playlist I made on Friday or old albums by U2, Camera Obscura and C.V. Jørgensen.

And now, a crime novel (and a German one, who'd have thought :-)) and bed.

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