Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Girls Love Sunday Mornings

I do, too. Not that it's Sunday, but it kinda feels that way, you know with x-mas and all that jazz. But here's something you'll like:

Girls Love Rallie (very cool band name) has an album out, go here and listen, if you're into lo-fi-pop and sorta Bowie-ish vocals!

And I Will Furnish Your Sunday Mornings has a teaser up, shoegaze-folk with melancholy written all over it (we love that, naturally :-)).

Oh, and check this out, The Voice Project, with a whole lotta cover gems! This one, for instance:

The Low Anthem » Phosphorescent from The Voice Project on Vimeo.

And thanks so, so much to Underlyd and the voters for making us "Ã…rets Forventning"! And thanks very much to Radiated Sounds for playing "Crank it up"!

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