Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cold as ice...

...with hair like Ivan (gotta love Berlingske for headlines like that :-)).

And a quick recap (I've been busy as hell with work, making "11 from 11", rehearsing, drinking and dancing and etc. and etc.). But four things I've enjoyed the last couple of weeks:

The Youth doing a cover of "Just Like Christmas" (garage-pop, a bit like The Strokes and I really, really, really like the guitars 1.23-1.48):

  The Youth - Just Like Christmas (Low) by TheYouthDK

The Great Tribulations (indie-electro-pop, reminding me of Gangway):

  Go Back To The Beginning Of The End by The Great Tribulations

And a new track from favourite Spanish band, Klaus & Kinski (sounding like, well..., Klaus & Kinski :-)).

And Marcus from Bakers at dawn has another project, houses in motion, and there's a free album right here (and we like it a lot, especially "arsenal", "cold wind blows", "birds" and "clean slate").

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