Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yeah, it's pretty dreary...

Yes, it looks like we're gonna do the master on Monday the 13th! We should've done it 2 weeks ago, but the studio guys decided that recording a few songs with Lady Gaga might be smarter than hanging out with us. Go figure :-).

Anywho, we've begun recording some demos too, and if we feel like it, we're just gonna put'em up for free download. So here's the first, it's called "There you go" and it's just Steffen playing percussion on his banjo, Mikkel on the guitar and me singing. When we (at some point in the future) record it "4 real" there'll be drums, bass, acoustic guitar, some cello and backing vocals. And yeah, it's kinda sad, but if you've got a hangover like me it should be pretty much perfect for a snowy and cold Sunday:

There you go demo by The Boombox Hearts

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Anonymous said...

Jeg er virkelig hooked på jeres musik! Jeg ved, at i har udgivet på itunes, men hvornår udgiver i noget i fysisk form?