Saturday, December 7, 2013


Yes. Apart from the mastering the album is done. Here's the tracklist:

Crank it up
Two Years
There You Go
A Million Believers
Extras, when you're ready, please (new version)

So it's a mini album. And Hamar will be the title. Outtakes are: Elinore (blues for the tormented generation) / C.P.H.L. / Annie / 100 (The Latest Flame) + two songs called Helldiver (part two) and Postlude (I might upload them later).

From this you can conclude two things.

One: I really, really like short albums.

Two: I'm a crappy songwriter. It takes me a long time writing a simple three-chord-song (and I seriously dislike writing lyrics, unless I'm a bit tipsy). And when we're done recording, I often discover that I really don't fancy the song that much anyway, hence the many outtakes.

How we will be releasing it, we don't know yet. But as soon as possible, that's for sure :-).

And oh, it's a pretty fucking great album, if you ask me (but I would say that, wouldn't I).

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