Sunday, December 30, 2012

Elinore (blues for the tormented generation)

Yeah, well. You know how it is. Busy and all that. But here's a bit of news: WE'VE ACTUALLY MANAGED TO RECORD A SONG TODAY! Well, not all of it, but the keys, at least. See, it's a quiet version of a song called "Elinore (blues for the tormented generation)", just some acoustic guitar, vocals and something like a theme in the outro. Normally (when we play it live, that is), it's got drums, a pretty heavy bass and a guitar that sounds like that song from Rocky (yup, "Eye Of The Tiger" and I'm not kidding you :-)). Anyways, we recorded the guitars and the vocals last year and wanted to upload it during the autumn, but then decided that we rather liked the idea of a video for "Crank it up" in stead. And then we forgot all about it :-). But here it is. Oh and naturally, it's sad as fuck:

We tried to record it for the album, but the outro didn't quite seem right, so... Perhaps we'll have another go sometime in the future. Or perhaps not, who knows.

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