Saturday, December 22, 2012

10 + 2 (and then some...)

Yup, it's that time of year again. So here's our recap:

Sif made this video for our song "Annie. We released the single "100 (The Latest Flame)". And put a song called "C.P.H.L." up on Soundcloud. So that's good :-). On the other hand we didn't play that much live (apart from being the warm-up up for Islands, which was lovely). And we couldn't find the time to finish the album, which is kinda bad too. But don't worry, we'll finish it (right now, we're debating whether we want to "delete" two old songs and include two rather brilliant new ones instead) AND play more concerts next year. That's a promise :-).

And the best songs of 2012? They're right here:

Songs from bands such as Cave Country (that one's from 2009, but I hadn't heard it before I found it on this list), Leland Sundries, Advance Base, Father John Misty, Blood Music, Razika, Fear of Men, Lorena Álvarez y su Banda Municipal, Beach Fossils and Chromatics.

And I loved Snaredrum's debut EP too. Check it here. And King's Daughters & Sons EP "Songs from 2007" (but uploaded on Bandcamp in February). Check it here.

And have a lovely Xmas!

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