Sunday, June 3, 2012

100 (The Latest Flame)

So here it is, the cover for the first single from the album (we'll release it approx. June 22nd) :

Once again artwork by brilliant Tristan Dupuis! We love it! Seriously!

And a quick story, too. See, "100 (The Latest Flame)" is sort of a mix between 60ies pop and a noisy bob hund-ish guitar. So somehow, it seemed necessary to write some kind of pop lyrics, and I LOVE those classic and somewhat naive songs from the 50ies or 60ies. But no matter how much I like listening to that kind of tunes, I hate writing them (it's so much easier writing about some ex-girlfriend or how crappy your life is on a dull Sunday).

So I thought: "What the hell am I gonna do"? "How about that summer on the Isle of Wight, where you really, really liked this girl, but were too shy to do anything"? "Yeah, we'll do that, and perhaps her name was Marie, and perhaps she even kissed you, after you scored a goal in a football match, but you were 13, so you really can't remember". "But it's a good subject for a pop song, and you can rip your favourite Elvis song and turn it a bit sad, too". "And yeah, let's pretend that you were older, because that makes more sense (and you really don't remember much of what happened in 1988)".

So that's basically what it's about. Pop, love, a girl perhaps named Marie, cigarettes and wine and the Isle of Wight. And yes, it's kinda corny, but it's ok, it really is a pop song :-). And here's the one by Elvis:


Søren R said...

da jeg gik i 3g, var jeg forelsket i én, som hed marie. men det turde jeg ikke sige til hende. det var nok godt det samme, tænker jeg i dag. så blev jeg da sparet for den kurv.

glæder mig til at høre sangen.

Ivan said...

Hehe, "sparet for den kurv" er fandeme et godt udtryk. Og tror, du vil kunne lide den, den er meget klassisk og 60er-agtig.