Sunday, April 22, 2012

In A Better World (7)

This is the new regular blog feature. Once a week there'll be a little something about a song that really ought to have been a hit. Well, in a better World, that is. This week it's:

GUEST WRITER EDITION: Straight outta Spain, bewitching member of The Voodoo Virgins and former intern at Crunchy Frog, say hello to: Marta Villarroya.

This song really ought to have been a hit, not only because it sounds great, but also for some kind of universal justice. Susan Christie had a massive hit in 1966 with a novelty song named "I Love Onions" (available on Youtube for the curious). Then she recorded a fantastic album in 1970 called "Paint a Lady" that remained unreleased until some years ago, when the folks from "Finders Keepers" brought it out to light to our delight. The album was not considered by her label to be commercially viable at her time... Bad luck. So Susan Christie was only known and remembered for a silly fun song like "I Love Onions", while her great "Paint a Lady" was simply shelved and forgotten... Just another story of market and nonsense. I really like the magic psychedelia of her folk songs on this album, I really like her voice and I really like the melancholic taste of solitude of this song. And of course, I really like to proclaim it a hit this week! So here goes: SUSAN CHRISTE: "RAINY DAY"

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