Sunday, March 11, 2012

In A Better World

This is the new regular blog feature. Once a week there'll be a little something about a song that really ought to have been a hit. Well, in a better World, that is. This week it's:


Back in 2004 (and earlier, for that matter) I often went to concerts, where I practically didn't know anything about the band. Nowadays, it'll take you 15 seconds to find the first 20 songs via Youtube, Facebook, Spotify etc., but back then it was kinda harder. So I read this thing on Svingninger, and thought "Herman Dune? Royal City? But well, the description says something about Smog and Neil Young, so I'm gonna go there". And wow! The audience was minimal, but I loved both bands instantly, and it's still on my top 10 of best concerts! So I did what I almost never do at concerts; I bought a cd. It's called "Alone at the Microphone" and it includes this little masterpiece called "Bad Luck". A couple of months later I for some reason (that reason being that I was drunk :-)) gave the cd to a friend of mine, so I've almost only listened to it, when I've been visiting him in Haderslev. But sometimes Youtube is your friend, and in this case it really is. So listen to the vocals, the piano, the banjo, the cool guitar and the DRUMS! And then love it!:

It's also here in a different version on this Spotify-playlist that I'm gonna update weekly too.

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