Sunday, March 25, 2012

In A Better World (3)

This is the new regular blog feature. Once a week there'll be a little something about a song that really ought to have been a hit. Well, in a better World, that is. This week it's:


Yes, today's a special edition. It's Mikkel's birthday next week, so we're celebrating with a song that we both think should've been a hit. It's got the beat, the fake handclaps, the sad acoustic guitar and lovely lyrics.

Speaking of the lyrics, Mikkel misheard the word "ambition" (thought it was "cushion"), and we later used that in Oliver North Boy Choir for a song called "Cobra". How's that for trivia :-)? Anyway, the playlist's here ("Cobra" can be found on Spotify too, it's one of my ONBC favourites, though very much nothing like a hit).

And what the hell, a birthday's only once a year, so here's something extra. A song that was a hit, but it's a song that we both really like too (and combine Middleton with this one, and you've got the perfect mix for a 10 minute drive, I promise you):

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