Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blood Brothers...

Well, I wanted to write a bit about Chorus Grant. Mainly because I heard this song over at Stytzer and really liked it:

But also because I read the review in Soundvenue, where the song was described as "eskapistisk folkpop". And I was like "wtf" and all I could think about was some dude with an acoustic guitar on his back running away from an angry mob. Well, that and high school, where you had to use words like "eskapistisk" once in a while. Anywho, the important thing here is that Chorus Grant (he's also called Kristian Finne Kristensen) wrote me this morning with some info about a new video for the song "Blood Brothers". And it's right here, because you know what? I really like this one, too!:

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