Saturday, October 8, 2011

Loving you was crazy shit....

Sounds like a song about my ex-girlfriend :-). But it's the new song from Vit Päls (found via It's a Trap):

And had a very nice evening yesterday, where Kathrine and I went to this thing arranged by Trinitatis Natkirke as a way of saying "thank you" to the artists, who've played there this year. Dinner, beer, wine, a goodie bag, a few small concerts and hanging out with bands such as Antennas to Nowhere and So Like Dorian, lovely indeed. So today I've just been relaxing, drinking coffee, eating Toffifee and reading Lone Hørslev's "Sorg og Camping". It's a bit too "female" (the language, that is) to me, but the description of small town Denmark in the 80ies is both accurate and funny, so very much recommended!

Oh, and if you've got approx. 37 minutes, please listen to this Feist interview (about radio, media, music and herself). And here's the song "that everybody can sing-along to" (I like it to the extreme max :-)):

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