Monday, September 5, 2011

Carl Jørn and Oslo

Today it's Carl Jørn's birthday. That means that he's now (in his own words) also closer to 50 than 20 :-). And I thought that we'd celebrate that. I've known CJ since we were 16 and I've had the pleasure of playing with him in such marvellous bands as So What, So What Revival Band and Den Blå Agurk. And to be quite honest we don't always agree on what constitutes good music. But I always send him our demos, because I really value his opinion. So I sent him the song below. It was supposed to be included on the "Monte Carlo" EP, but we decided against it, because the sound was kinda wrong somehow. And CJ was like: "No, it's a really cool song, sounding a lot like Neil Young". And I was like: "Yeah, it's ok, but I don't like the sound of it". And he was like: "You kidding?". And I was like: "No". And etc. And etc. But since it is his birthday, here it is. It's called "Oslo" (rather appropriate, since CJ lives in Norway now) and it's a countrypop song about going to Kalvøya Festival in 1993, being teen, ever so slightly drunk, kissing a girl and listening to Neil Young for the first time. And it's a demo, so the sound IS kinda-not-that-good.

And if you feel like a download, it's right here too (I won't be putting it on Soundcloud with the more "official" songs).


Søren R said...

Men CJ har jo ret. Det er en dejlig sang. Så tak for den.

Ivan said...

Mange tak. Og kan jo også godt lide den, synes bare lyden er forkert, lidt for pæn måske eller lidt for lidt country? Og velbekomme.