Monday, June 20, 2011

New birds and summer songs...

Some pictures from Loppen via UGP Music, check'em out.

And I had a lovely weekend, doing absolutely nothing, just reading a novel, watching the Danish U21 team getting their asses kicked by Iceland and going for a few walks in the neighbourhood. The latter made me realise that I haven't found this year's summer song or album yet (I usually listen to music when I'm walking, that's why). It also made me think back and quickly compile a list of summer songs 2000-2010. And here it is (I'll post it in three parts, one today, one tomorrow and one Wednesday, since a large amount of Youtube-videos ain't no good in one blog-post :-)):

2000: Dead easy remembering that one, got Philophobia for my Birthday and I practically didn't listen to anything else that summer. Here's the best lovesong sorta ever made:

2001: Dead easy remembering that one, too. Driving around Europe with my girlfriend, while listening to Smog and Godspeed You! Black Emperor (and I distinctly remember arriving in Florence with these drums hammering away):

2002: Kinda harder to remember, because I didn't do much that summer. So I had to look through my old albums and lo and behold, I found this one, which I do remember hearing a million times or something like that:

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