Thursday, April 21, 2011

A cover story...

Well, here it is, the EP cover. It was done by brilliant French guy, Tristan Dupuis, who's got this site:

But there's actually a story behind the drawing. See, the thing is that Mikkel and I met the girl on the left (Héloise) the very day we decided that we'd have to make two bands. It happened at the Psyched Up Janis reunion concert in Øksnehallen, where the beer was free and everybody was happy, so after a long talk I thought "yeah, well, I'll sing in a band just to make Mikkel shut up and who cares about stage fright anyway". Then a couple of months later our friend Jeff, Mikkel and yours truly threw a party at Jeff's place. We invited everyone we knew and Héloise and her cousin (Diane, the girl on the right) were among those who turned up. And since the themes were: Watching Spinal Tap, eating tapas and having loads of drinks, it ended up being a very lovely evening. And this picture was taken:

So you see, everything's sorta connected in a rather good way. On a slightly different note, I actually wrote the first Boombox song that I was really happy about ("Extras, when you're ready, please") the day after the party (and it was amazingly easy to do, despite the most massive hangover in recent years :-)).

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