Sunday, December 19, 2010

Random stuff I loved in 2010...

One: This song + this completely screwed up video (Mikkel loves it, of course, because it's insane sci-fi :-)):

Two: Sore Eros!

Three: Summer! Had a kinda weird one, but still one of the best I can remember. Most of it spent wisely on walking the streets of Copenhagen listening to John Mogensen.

Four: The Walkmen. The.Coolest.Band.In.The.World.

Five: Avi Buffalo. Just what I needed, a group of youngsters making 60ies-indie-pop with crazy guitar solos.

Six: This Håkan Hellström song. The vocals. And the guitar. And yes, it's simple and it sounds like something you've heard a million times before, but I'm a complete sucker for it anyway:

Seven: Roskilde Festival. Beer. Cigarettes. Beach House. Pavement. Prince. What else do you need?

Eight: Boombox playing their first concerts. Or rather, I loved not being stoned, drunk, dressed in dresses or whatever it took to get me on stage back in high school. Apparently it is possible to control stage fright, when you get older.

Nine: Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse ( & Julian Casablancas) for making the song of the year (speaking of crazy guitar solos, btw):

Ten: This video. The song is extremely cool and the bass player is extremely hot (yeah, yeah, I'm repeating myself here, I know :-)):

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